If you thought the Alpe d’Huez had everything – wait until you see Challambra in January!

You might remember it from the 2010 UCI Road World Championships – Challambra Crescent is steep, technical and an icon of the Geelong cycling scene.

In less than one kilometre the 2018 Elite Cadel Road Races can be won or lost here, the Swisse People’s Ride long course participants must dig deep to summit, and the crowds will be rocking. 


Elite Men’s and Women’s courses

In 2018, the UCI WorldTour Elite Men will race over Challambra a fourth time. While the Deakin University Elite Women will take on the ascent for the first time in the event’s history. See the riders push their upper limit here and watch for bold, tactical moves and courageous breakaways.

After the Subaru King and Queen of the Mountain over Challambra Crescent the riders will have just nine kilometres remaining before a sprint to the finish line in front of huge crowds at Geelong Waterfront.

(Getty Images for 2016 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road)

Swisse People’s Ride long course, Saturday 27 January

In 2018, for the first time, long course Swisse People’s Ride participants get to experience the famous Challambra Crescent climb, ahead of the Elite Women’s race.

The scene will be set and you get to tackle this challenging climb just like the pros. Register on Strava and compare your time up the climb with Cadel, and all of your friends. Will you #ChallengeChallambra?


Cheer-site, Saturday 27 January

Let’s get behind the Swisse People’s Ride 115km riders as they summit Challambra between 9:30am – 1pm, followed by the Elite Women expected to pass under the Subaru Queen of the Mountain arch around 2pm.


Subaru King of the Mountain Village

Race Director, Scott Sunderland, said it best: “There’s no hiding on Challambra, and that’s what’s great about it.

“This is going to be an incredible viewing opportunity for spectators as they get to see the riders up close on the hardest climb of the day.”

Here’s what’s on:

Sunday 28 January
11am-4pm The Subaru King of the Mountain Village includes food and beverage vendors, a big screen showing the Channel Seven live race coverage, music, sponsor give-aways, amenities and much more.



Access the road to write your messages of support with chalk to the teams.




#ChallengeChallambra. Register on Strava and ride the climb for yourself passing under the official Subaru King of the Mountain arch. Can you beat Cadel’s segment time of 2:23?




Time to hit the barricades, grab a cowbell and get ready to see how the world’s best riders, including 12 WorldTour teams, do it.




The Elite Men will arrive!




The atmosphere – and physical and mental exertion of the riders – will escalate with every lap during this hour of power.



Saturday 27 January
9.30am-1pm The Swisse People’s Ride long course participants will ride over Challambra Crescent. Let’s cheer them on!



Time to line the barriers near the Subaru Queen of the Mountain arch to see the Elite Women take on Challambra for the first time since the inception of the event.




The Deakin University Elite Women will arrive.



Register on Strava now and check out for the new #ChallengeChallambra leaderboard. Start training, take on the 830 metre segment and compare your time with Cadel (2:23).

Between now and the event, post your time and ride on social media using #CadelRoadRace #ChallengeChallambra to join the conversation.

Then, go for a PB on Sunday 28 January between 12-1pm when the road is closed for the event. Take advantage of riding the segment in ‘race mode’ and pass under the official Subaru King of the Mountain arch.


Street parties

Do you live on Challambra Crescent? How often do you have international superstars race by your front door? That’s cause for celebration.

We’re inviting all the local residents to roll out your barbeques, deck chairs and eskies on Sunday 28 January for an Australia Day long weekend party like no other.

Stay tuned for prizes and give-aways for the best street shindig!

Share your Challambra highlights with us: #CadelRoadRace #ChallengeChallambra

To find out more about the six cheer-sites around the 2018 course, including how to get there and where to park, check out our Spectator Guide.