The arrival of spring in Victoria is a time of renewed optimism for us, the cyclists.

Ditching the winter jackets and the long-sleeved kits, we take advantage of longer-lasting daylight and prepare ourselves for the bombing maggies that await.

But above all, it is an opportunity to make use of the warming conditions to do what we love the most – jump back on the bike.

For some, it means dusting it off as we take it out from the back shed, with the realisation that things may need a little tune-up ahead of our next ride.

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In the seaside town of Torquay, Jake Millburn of Bike Matters feels the enthusiasm in the air, as locals and visitors alike take to the roads and trails of the region. Millburn, who moved down from Melbourne over a decade ago, is still awed by the cycling culture that exists on the Surf Coast.

“I was pretty much blown away by the amount of riding and how massive the cycling community is,” Millburn said.

“The community is not just about cycling itself, but about living an active outdoor lifestyle – whether it be surfing, hiking or mountain biking in and around the area.”

As proud locals, Millburn and the Bike Matters team are big advocates of the region, whether it be on the roads, the trail or the gravel.

“The road riding is spectacular because we’ve got these amazing roads in an iconic location at the start of the Great Ocean Road.”

The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race features two elite one-day classic races alongside a mass participation event – the TAC People’s Ride, which explores Torquay and the Surf Coast via the start/finish area in Geelong. The annual January event is just one of several beloved cycling events in the area that attract visitors for its natural beauty and the relaxed atmosphere of the towns that dot the coastline.

“People love to be a part of the riding opportunities here because it’s so close to metropolitan Melbourne. You can go into deep forest or along the coast quickly and easily – it’s an amazing asset for us to have here in Victoria.”

“We’ve got the airport at Avalon, and we have the Spirit of Tasmania leaving from GeelongPort now too, so Geelong and the Surf Coast have become a gateway to those adventure activities for interstate and international visitors too.”



For those looking to reignite their passion for riding this spring, it’s worth remembering some of the simple safety checks to make sure both you and your bike remain in tip-top shape.

“Getting your bike serviced at a reputable bike shop should be your first priority,” Millburn says.

“Talk about getting the bike set up correctly for your height and flexibility too. It’s a common mistake we see when people get their bike out after a while. If not correct, it can lead to injury which is disappointing when we know it can be avoided.”

“You should also be checking your nuts and bolts, your wheels, brake pads, calipers, cables, handlebar, stem, tyres and chain. A lot of those basic checks that a lot of people gloss over are super important and if something isn’t right, pay your bike shop a visit for help and advice.”

With the Cadel Road Race set to roll through Torquay at the height of summer, the town is once again looking forward to their time in the spotlight, as the world’s best male and female cyclists make best use of the iconic roads.

“We love to see many elite athletes in the area that bring that exposure to our sport and show our region to the rest of the cycling world – it’s going to be a great summer ahead.”

A full guide to rides in the area can be found here: Great Ocean Rides booklet (Surf Coast Shire)

For mountain and gravel biking trails in and around Anglesea and the Eumeralla Trails see here: Surf Coast Mountain Bike Maps (Surf Coast Shire)