JAN 2018

The Trophy

The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race elite men’s and women’s trophies were designed and handcrafted in Victoria by Flynn Silver.

Dan and John Flynn pride themselves on their artistic flare and their ability to capture the essence of an event’s story and bring it to life through their craftsmanship.

The story behind the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race trophy design begins with its shape. The curve of the trophy symbolises a “C” for Cadel and is designed using a high quality road bike rim. The black edge of the rim also represents the winding bitumen of the Great Ocean Road.

Adjoining the bike rim, a piece of translucent blue acrylic sheet has been carefully chosen to resemble the colour of the surf along the iconic Victorian coastline, and as the acrylic sheet embraces the rim, the two materials form the distinct representation of a wave.

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