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JAN 2018

Traffic Alterations

Rolling Road Closures

Sections of the road along the course will be temporarily closed as the race travels through. The rolling road closure is expected to pass through the course within 15-20 minutes. Outside of this period, access is maintained using the course roads under the direction of traffic controllers. The map above shows sections of the course and their expected closure times.

If you are travelling along a course road as a rolling road closure comes through:

  • You will be stopped by the lead police vehicle and asked to park in a safe area on the side of the road. You must wait here for the race to pass through . Once the race has passed the rear police car will inform you that it is safe for you to move off.
  • It is estimated you will have to wait for approximately 15-20 minutes.
  • Once you move off, please be aware there may be some tail riders still on the roads, however they will be abiding by normal road rules.

Fixed Road Closures

The rolling road closures will be supported by some fixed road closures to assist in keeping the course roads free of traffic when the race comes through. These additional road closures will be in Geelong, Thirteenth Beach and Bells Beach. All major intersections will remain open, except when the race passes. Fixed road closures are shown on the map above, indicated by a red circle. Users can click on the circle for closure details.

Changed Traffic Conditions Summary

For further details of traffic alterations and road closures over the weekend please download this document.


Road safety

The Swisse People’s Ride is a recreation ride and is not a race, with cyclists adhering to normal road rules. There will be minor changed traffic conditions in some areas, such as reduced speed limits and intersection management to assist the flow of traffic and to ensure the safety of all road users.

Due to the large number of cyclists on the roads during this event, please take extra care when driving. There may be longer delays than usual on key arterial routes throughout the weekend, so please allow extra travel time. All roads and towns will remain accessible.


In order to safely deliver a world-class cycling event, the routes must be secure and vehicle-free. There will be restricted parking on any road which the course travels along.

To assist, please ensure you park your car either on a driveway if available or on a side street off the course.

Emergency Access

Emergency access will be maintained at all times. In an emergency please call 000.


If you have any questions about how the changed traffic conditions may affect you once you have read through this information, please contact us.

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