JAN 2018

Rider Information

We’re working on some exciting new initiatives to give you the ultimate Swisse People’s Ride experience.

The 2018 Event will mark the third edition of the People’s Ride, with the ride becoming more popular every year. We’ve gathered participant feedback and research from the previous two rides and are using it to work out how we can make the Swisse People’s ride better than ever. Keep an eye out over the coming months for more information.


Rider Packs

In 2018 every participant in the Swisse People’s Ride will receive their rider pack delivered in the mail. A postage & handling fee is included in the overall price.


Rider packs will be delivered in January and include the following items:

  • Exclusive Swisse People’s Ride jersey
  • Swisse People’s Ride musette
  • Race number bib and safety pins
  • Helmet sticker
  • Seat post sticker

What to bring


When you are packing your bag for the weekend, make sure you include the following compulsory items for the Swisse People’s Ride.

  • Bike and helmet
  • 2018 Swisse People’s Ride official jersey
  • Race number bib and safety pins
  • Helmet and seat post stickers
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Spare inner tubes
  • Pump
  • Rear tail light
  • Water and drink bottles
  • Adequate ride nutrition
  • Fully charged and working mobile phone


In additional to the compulsory items above, we recommend you also bring the following items to the 2018 Swisse People’s Ride.

  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Money


Race number bib and stickers

Please follow the correct application tips for your race number bib and stickers:

  • Bib number is to be worn in the middle of the back.
  • Seat post sticker is to be attached to the base of the seat post.
  • Helmet sticker is to be placed on the front of your helmet.

Note: Numbers must not be cut, folded or modified in anyway and must be clearly visible at all times.

Start line

The 2018 Swisse People’s Ride will have an early start (time TBC) from the start/finish line on Eastern Beach Road on Geelong’s beautiful waterfront.

We recommend you arrive a minimum of one hour prior to start time. Please take into account travel time, parking and any unforeseen holdups you may encounter while travelling to the start.

Note: There will be a set time (TBC) that all long and short course participants must depart the start line by.

It’s compulsory that riders wear their exclusive 2018 Swisse People’s Ride jersey to start the race.

These times and location are subject to change. Confirmed start times will be communicated pre-event to all participants via email.

Aid stations

To help you along your way, there will be three aid stations set up along the 2018 Swisse People’s Ride route. The locations of these stations will be confirmed closer to the event.

At each station there will be toilets, water, first aid, mechanical support and some sports nutrition including a selection of either sports bars, gels, electrolyte, bananas, fruitcake or lollies.

Aid stations will only have a limited supply of nutrition therefore it is strongly recommended that all participants bring sufficient food and sports nutrition to meet their entire individual ride nutritional requirements.

If hot weather conditions are forecast, additional water stations will be added to both courses. Any additional locations will be advised in the days leading up to the Swisse People’s Ride.

The 2018 Swisse People’s Ride will follow the same course as the 2017 courses, although the courses may be subject to slight changes. A third, shorter course, is also planned. More details will be announced in the coming months.


Road and rider safety

Much of the Swisse People’s Ride is conducted on open roads therefore standard road rules apply to every participant. Police will be in attendance and will impose penalties.


Please also respect and keep an eye out for your fellow Swisse People’s Ride participants.

Finish line

Look for the large green inflatable arch when you approach the finish line on Western Beach Road on Geelong’s Foreshore just metres away from the start line. At this point you will be asked to pass through, dismount and move off the course as efficiently as possible to avoid congestion.

We appreciate you working with the event marshals to ensure there is a clear finish line at all times.

Don’t forget to recover well, refuel, rehydrate and choose one of the great locations to stay and watch the elite women’s race as they tackle the same course.

Cut off policy

For the safety of participants and as a courtesy of local residents, a ‘cut off’ policy does apply to the Swisse People’s Ride.

This requires riders to maintain an average pace of 18kph throughout their ride.


This does endeavour to allow all participants to complete the Swisse People’s Ride under our standard Ride conditions, but in the event you do drop back, please familiarise yourself with the cut off time policy in order to understand the outcomes of falling outside the time restrictions.

If you are unable to maintain the average speed there are options to shorten the course, or to be transported back to Geelong in event transport along with your bike.


There is no specific event parking area but it is recommend that participants park in the Eastern Garden precinct.

Please be aware there are parking restrictions applicable across the route throughout the day so please pay attention to signage and avoid parking on the actual ride/race route.

Plan Your Weekend

For help organising you ultimate weekend of cycling, make sure you visit our Plan your Weekend section for tips on accommodation, travel and extra things to do whilst in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast.

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