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JAN 2018

Ride Preparation

For enjoyment and safety, it’s important to ensure that you adequately prepare for the 2018 Swisse People’s Ride.

In previous years, we have helped participants get ready for the ride  by sharing a series of tips in the months and weeks leading up to the big day. We’re looking forward to helping riders out again for the 2018 event.

In the meantime, get started with these general tips:

  • If you are jumping on your bike for the first time or after an extended break, visit your general practitioner for a health check.
  • Make sure you drink and eat enough during your training rides.
  • Always eat something before a ride in the mornings, even if it is just banana or a muesli bar.
  • On longer rides of more than 60 minutes eat something small every hour (for example an energy bar or banana).
  • Hydration is very important. Drink 300-500 ml of water before you train and try to drink 500-750 ml every hour on the bike. After your training ride, drink another 300-500ml to rehydrate.
  • And always ride safe, have fun and keep smiling!
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