2019 Swisse People’s Ride – Register Now

JAN 2018


In 2018, for the first time, long course Swisse People’s Ride participants get to experience the famous Challambra Crescent climb, ahead of the Elite Women’s race. The scene will be set and you get to tackle this challenging climb just like the pros.

Register on Strava now and look out for the new #ChallengeChallambra leaderboard coming to the event website. Start training, take on the 830 metre segment and compare your time with Cadel (2:23).

Between now and the event, you can try your luck on the climb and see where you can get to on the leaderboard. Post your time and ride on social media using #CadelRoadRace #ChallengeChallambra to join the conversation.

If one run up Challabra wasn’t enough on Saturday, you can come back on Sunday and try for a PB between 12-1pm when the road is closed for the event. Take advantage of riding the segment in ‘race mode’ and pass under the official Subaru King of the Mountain arch.

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